About Me

I'm a passionate and enthusiastic writer based in North East England. With experience in both professional copywriting and creative writing, I love to use language to build worlds, shape stories and engage audiences creatively. 

My Approach

I'm a storyteller at heart and believe narrative to be key to how we interact not only with media, but also with life as a whole.

My approach to writing is audience first and character-focused. I create with the audience at the forefront, weaving language to achieve the purpose of the project and engage the audience entirely.

Through the use of well-crafted, thorough character development, I allow the characters to guide me in building a tale.

Presenting an overarching purpose alongside mini-plots and nested story arcs, I make sure to structure my writing in a way that is purposeful and satisfying.

Who Am I?

I'm a huge lover of fantasy and history, and often draw from ancient mythology and classic folklore to shape my writing.

Aside from my wealth of experience in marketing in roles such as a Director of Content and Email Marketing Manager, I also have amassed an audience of almost 40k followers for my writing on social media.

When I'm not writing, you can often find me in the woods or getting lost in a story playing a role-playing game.